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As a health and helping professional, you give. And give. Over the last few years especially, you’ve given all of yourself without any time to pause, reflect or re-nourish. Hope feels much harder to find, yet you hold onto it. The Centre offers an opportunity to recover and refresh for a new tomorrow.  It provides the opportunity to come together. To connect. To learn. To reimagine your work, yourself and your future.
The Centre is designed to help you thrive.

Programs & resources that support each of us to be at our best.


As helping professionals we face difficult and challenging situations every day. Fostering our resilience will enable us to pause, reset and nourish ourselves and our teams in the face of these challenges. The Centre is a safe space that fosters connection and compassion to support our collective resilience. Together we will be able to restore and replenish. 


At the heart of caring is learning. The Centre provides world-class learning opportunities that ignite passion, fuel curiosity and nurture compassion to help individuals and teams be at our individual and collective best for each other and for those we serve.


As people in health care and helping professions, we are called upon each and every day to give ourselves to others. When we are at our best, we bring our best to others.  Through best practices, lived experiences, theory and practical application, we will be empowered. The Centre offers us the precious gift of personal and professional growth.

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opportunities begins here at The Centre.

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